Carissa Dressel

Carissa Dressel


Carissa started the Waves Boat & Social Club concept/business in October 2004.  After acquiring her first boat, she opened the doors to Waves in January 2005.  Since then, the club has dramatically expanded to 5 locations, almost 50 vessels, over 500 members, 25 staff as well as state of the art management software.   She currently oversees the entire operation; working with all her team members to maintain the vision of Waves.  She facilitates the acquisitions of property, new locations, technology, vessels, vehicles, etc.  She is in charge of IT, marketing plans, strategies, budgets, and implementation.  She manages the sales team, creates sales plans, and goals.  She works with existing as well as finding new business partners.  She negotiates leases, contracts, etc.  She works closely managing all the financial decisions as well as overseeing the day to day operations.  She is also available on site to happily meet with members regarding their membership, general inquiries about the club, or just for feedback.  She attends a lot of the social events.



Carissa has honors  bachelor degrees in both Mathematics and Economics.  She has worked in many senior level roles in sales, and managing teams. She is an American Canadian.  She moved to the States to start Waves and met her husband, Aaron, through the boat club in 2006; since then having 2 children. Carissa enjoys travelling, boating, golfing and swimming with her family.

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