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Waves Will Be Open May 1st, 2020

The vision of Waves, from our commencement 16 years ago, is “to serve our members with excellence and to help make many wonderful memories on the water.” 
We are all in this together; enduring extreme pressure and stress due to the COVID-19 virus. If Waves can help to mitigate this, even a little bit for you, by providing a boating outlet, we would like to make this happen. We are going to do a “trial opening” at all locations, regular hours on May 1st, 2020 with many added regulations. If successful, we will remain open. 
(Closed 1 day per week at each location)
There is still the eminent invisible threat that we must not forget while trying to operate the club. We care deeply about our staff and our member’s well being and do not wish to contribute to the spreading of the virus.  In order to open, we have many hurdles to overcome. Strict regulations under current law, having enough Waves staff due to their understandable health concerns, the availability of fuel and manpower at the marinas, keeping distance and all items sanitized, etc.  We have put a lot of thought and processes in place in order to reopen. We know it isn’t going to be perfect as there are many aspects that are simply out of our control. That being said, with a lot of patience and understanding, at the very least, we hope to accomplish some ability to use and enjoy the boat club while doing so in a safe and conscious manner.
For the foreseeable future, the following rules will be added to our company regulations:
1.     Members are to text the dockmaster their name and member number when they arrive at the marina. The dockstaff will acknowledge their arriving and members are to please remain in their vehicle until the dockstaff has replied that they are ready for them to load the boat. We do not want congestion on the docks.
2.     NO physical contact is to be made with the dockstaff. The dockmaster will hold the boat in place for you, so members must be physically able to get on and off the vessel with their own gear.
3.     When on the vessel, the member will be signing a digital check out on their own device - either via email or text (TBD) we are still working on this app. Both the dockmaster and the member will go through the check-out inspection together on their own devices. Once the document is complete, the member will then sign the document and press finish. 
4.     Member will fuel up (where applicable) and call the dockmaster prior to their return. To avoid congestion please be patient until your spot at the dock is available.
a.      You will be billed and charged for fuel at Phillippi Creek the following day. Due to the tremendous strain on the marina by all the boaters, as well as new rules placed on Waves by current law. We will be installing fuel meters soon which will aid in this refueling process.
5.    Upon return, you will sign a digital check in on your own device; the same procedure as with the check out. In addition, photos of the propeller will be taken when leaving and returning.
6.    Waves recommends to boat with your household, however, we will allow a maximum of 6 people on a vessel. No exceptions. Please keep in mind the space limitations on a boat while trying to stay at least 6 feet apart; please use good judgement.
7.     Gratuity is much appreciated. The staff has been out of work for a while. A tip jar will be provided. They will be working especially hard cleaning and sanitizing your boat, while risking exposure.
8.     No after-hours or early pick-up boating will be permitted. Overnight usage is OK if you have prior permission, if you have a dock at home, a valid credit card on file and towing insurance.  
9.     Towing Insurance. Please acquire your own towing insurance. To avoid social interaction with staff, Waves staff will not be towing vessels regardless of breakdown cause. Waves will still troubleshoot over the phone or VHF, of which, the majority of issues will be resolved, however, we will not be providing towing while social distancing is in place. 
10. Obviously, if anyone is sick or has a fever don’t go boating
11. We recommend all members arrive wearing face masks and bring wipes/sanitizer.
12. The offices will be closed as the staff are working from home. Please limit phone calls to emergency or highly relevant/important calls. We will be available to help you make/add/change reservations if you are unable to book them online and to facilitate overnight reservations.
13. Each marina may have additional rules in place, please abide by their rules.
14. If a member, for any reason is being unsafe, using poor judgement, is not using social distancing, etc., Waves reserves the rights to put the membership ‘on hold’ with applicable fees until further notice.
15.If new or existing members require additional training please call to schedule an orientation.
We must follow these rules and make this a smooth transition. No exceptions. Please understand, our staff is coming in so you can go boating…please respect their space.
If we all work together and abide by these safety regulations, we hope to remain open.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Thanks to all of our management and staff who have put in extra time, thought and so much effort into a safe reopening and to the staff that will be working to help members get out and enjoy boating!
Towing companies:
BoatUS 800-395-2628 use COOP# GA85132B for a discount
Tow Boat US: (941) 374-5745