All entries for November 2016

12th Annual Member Appriciation Picnic

Hey boaters! Here at Waves our first priority in every feild is you. We appriciate your dedication and input for the club. We like to take a day out of every year to show you just how much you mean to us with Free Food, games, prizes and fun! If you attended or not we thank you for being a member here with us. Hope to see you next year!


Please enjoy these pictures turned in from our president and founder: Carissa Ellis Dressel

Thank you!

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Moments from our New Manatee River Cruise!

Welcome Back Snow Birds! The Manatee River Cruise is fun and adventurous for the whole family. Join Caption Doug on a journey through the Manatee River as we enjoy the scenery and cruise the intra-coastal. Its great for all ages, plus you can bring friends, family, co-workers, members or not, you bring em! We can fill up more than one boat, but spots are still limited, so sign up today!

Enjoy these pictures of our excursion sent in by: Nick Hunt.

manatee river.JPGmanatee.JPGriver boat.JPGriver.JPG