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It's Time to Start Living Your Florida Dream

So, how long have you lived on the Gulf coast of Florida? That long, huh? And how many times have you actually been on the Gulf? We get it — the hassles of boat ownership have dissuaded you from making that commitment of time and money.

Maybe you’ve joined a friend on his or her boat for an afternoon, then walked away feeling really glad that you didn’t have the worries of cleaning, insuring and maintaining the vessel.

But that day on the water was fantastic — wind in the hair, sun on the cheeks, catch of the day on your line. You can experience it again, without having to bug your buddy, drop a lot of cash or convince your significant other that buying a boat is a great idea.

Once the joiner's fee is covered, the monthy dues are about equal as the cost for a family of four to go to the movies twice a month, and for that you can have unlimited use of all of the boats, at any of our locations. Waves offers free training and safety instruction as well as social events where you can meet other Club members.

When you arrive at a Waves location, all you do is jump on one of our spotless boats (don’t forget your lunch and sunscreen), enjoy the water and sun, refuel and drop the boat back off. Waves does the cleaning, maintaining, servicing and insuring of its entire $1 million fleet so you don’t have to.

What are you waiting for? You’ve lived in this sunny paradise long enough — and isn’t the glorious water and boating lifestyle what you moved here for in the first place? Contact us today so we can help you explore and enjoy your Florida the way you dreamed it should be.