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Sarasota Boating - Tips on How to Stay Safe on the Water

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Sarasota Boating Tips: Staying Safe on the Water

Sailing and boating in Sarasota are fun hobbies, but being out on the open water can be dangerous. Swells and storms can sometimes pop up unexpectedly and if you fall overboard, you can drown. With many hazards, even when staying nearby, there are several important safety tips you should follow anytime while at sea.


Lifejackets may seem uncool and ruin your tan, but they are lifesavers. If you fall overboard while out at sea, even the strongest swimmer might need assistance. You could be knocked unconscious when you fall, or you might have to tread water for hours before a rescue. By simply wearing a lifejacket, you can save your life by having something to support you in the water, even if you are unconscious or are too tired to tread water. You should always have enough lifejackets on board for everyone.


Communication is the number one way to remain safe while on the water. There are several communication aspects that you must ensure to follow. First, be sure to communicate with others before you even leave. Inform people who are remaining on land of your plan in case something happens and you do not return. Those on board should keep an open communication, with one person in charge. Additionally, be sure to have a radio, cell phone, and flares handy in case of emergency.

Trip Report and Forecast

Sarasota boating trips should begin before you even leave the dock. Come up with a plan prior to departure, and file a trip report over your radio or fill out paperwork with the coastguard or to boat club officials beforehand. This will ensure that someone knows your plan and can be alerted if you do not return. Additionally, check all weather and marine forecasts before leaving. You will want to remain at home if there are any severe storm warnings. The most dangerous thing is being caught in the middle of a terrible storm.

Remain Aware

Although oftentimes when you are out on the open water it seems as if you are all alone, you still need to remain aware. Although you may not crash into another boat, there are many other obstacles that may surface. Reefs, shallow sandbanks, rough waters, and storms can crop up. You will want to ensure that you are at peak performance at all times. This means no alcohol or drugs, and if you are feeling sleepy or sick, you might want to remain at home. Being aware of your surroundings and able to tackle any emergency could save your life.

Safety Check

Before you leave the dock, you should always perform a safety check on your boat. Even if you just used it, there could always be something new that happens. Check for any leaks, ensure that the motor is working properly, and make sure you have a secondary source of motor power in case the first fails. Before you leave, make sure you everything is fully serviced. Additionally, always carry food, water, a first aid kit, communication tools, knives, flashlights, and other supplies in case of emergency.

Spending all day at sea on a boat is a luxurious way to spend a day. However, it is dangerous and you want to ensure that you return safely home, able to enjoy another day of Sarasota boating. We'll see you on the water!

Don't Want to Own a Boat in Sarasota? Try the Occasional Rental!

Don't Want to Own a Boat in Sarasota? Rent One!

sarasota boat rentals sign.pngLiving near the water, it is only natural that you would want to own a boat. However, boats are expensive, do not keep their value, and need a lot of maintenance. Many people end up giving up on their dream of becoming a boat owner. However, there is another option – occasionally renting a boat through boat clubs in Sarasota. There are many benefits to renting rather than owning, and with several options for rentals, you can regularly go out to sea without breaking the bank.

Financially Friendly Alternative

Renting a boat is a financially friendly alternative. Although you can lease or buy a boat for a manageable monthly payment, you still have to worry about the depreciation of value, upkeep costs, maintenance, docking, and possible storage. These costs can add up quickly. Through Sarasota boat rental, you do not have to worry about any negative complications to your credit or finances. All you have to do is pay for your rental and enjoy the ocean.

Variety of Options

When you purchase a boat, you are stuck with just one type of boat until you decide to sell and purchase another one. Renting opens up a variety of options otherwise unavailable. You can rent a boat by the hour or day, and some places have membership options where you pay monthly and get unlimited access. Additionally, you can choose a different vessel type every time you decide to cruise around at sea. For days that you want a large party, you can rent a large boat. For a romantic voyage, you can choose a smaller, more intimate vessel.

No Obligations

A Sarasota boat rental can come with no obligations. There are many options where you only rent a boat for an hour or so. You can opt for a membership service if you are planning on going out to sea a lot as it becomes more financially sound. However, if your schedule is sporadic and you do not want to feel obligated to go sailing or boating, occasional renting is the best option. Instead of feeling like you have to go boating because you spent all this money on a boat, you can fully enjoy every moment you go out to see.

Low Hassle

You can diminish most hassles involved in boating through renting rather than buying. You do not have to worry about finding a slip or storing it. Additionally, you do not have to worry about any maintenance or service. You can boat every time sure in the fact that you are piloting a safe, fully serviced and maintained boat. At a Sarasota boat rental location, a professional service is continually ensuring the safety of each boat meaning that you can feel less stress while heading out to sea. You are able to truly enjoy boating without any of the hassles of ownership.

Boating is a marvelous way to spend a few hours, or even a few days. Owning a boat is more than most people want to invest in a hobby. Occasionally renting a boat is a great alternative. You can enjoy all the benefits with none of the downsides.

How Sarasota Boat Rentals Can Make Your Summer Vacation Memorable

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Sarasota Boat Rentals Make Summer Vacation Memorable

Renting a boat for your summer vacation can add a large amount of fun for the entire family. Getting out on the water and enjoying the sun becomes much easier with a great boat to get you where you want to go. Not only are boats a faster mode of transportation, they add a variety of activities that you can take part in.

Boat Rentals

Renting a boat can be easier than you may think, and the process may even be completed online. A reservation will save you time during the actual vacation, and you will have the comfort of knowing it is already ready for you once you arrive. There are plenty of options in Sarasota to get a boat that fits whatever needs you may have. You could even rent boats at a good price that would be very expensive to buy. There are boat clubs that you could join that will offer you many boat choices, first-class service and special events.

Things to Do

The activities that you can do when you rent a boat are plentiful. If you want a fast boat that you can zoom around in and enjoy the speed, there are boats that can achieve that. You could use your boat for water sports like tubing, wakeboarding and waterskiing. Fishing is among the popular activities that you can do from a boat, and boats are available to take to whatever location you think you can catch fish. Of course, you can just choose to relax on the boat and enjoy the sun.


The city of Sarasota, Florida is a beautiful area with plenty of things to do. Sarasota is a very popular summer vacation spot because of the warm temperatures, activities and sport fishing. The large amount of water around the city makes it perfect for Sarasota boat rentals and fun at the beach. Sarasota is also known for great kayaking, scuba diving and snorkeling. There are plenty of tackle shops and excellent restaurants in the area to enjoy as well. Every member of the family will be able to find something they like to see and do.

Types of Boats

With Sarasota boat rentals, there is a large selection of boats that you can try that fits every need. There are larger size boats that will fit the whole family and friends. You can choose a boat that is good for fishing and have your dog on it with you. Some boats are intended for water sports, and some are just plain quick. You will have no problem finding the right boat for what you want to do and it will be clean and prepared for you.

A great summer vacation is one that everybody will remember for years to come. Sarasota boat rentals can help to make those memories both enjoyable and lasting. Once you are out on the water in a great boat, you will forget about any stress that is back onshore. Your focus will be relaxing in the summer sun, the way it should be.

Top 3 Sarasota Boating Destinations

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Top 3 Sarasota Boating Destinations

When it comes to enjoying a vacation, nothing says relaxation better than a day on the boat with friends and family, enjoying the cool breeze and the blue waters. Boating destinations are abundant throughout Sarasota at deciding when and where to toss your anchor can be a bit confusing. In order to make your choice a little easier to make, here's our top 3 Sarasota boating destinations that guarantee a great time!

Long Boat Key's “Beer Can Island” (Greer Island)

While the name may imply a place to party, “Beer Can Island” is actually a waterfront beach and boating park overlooking Sarasota Pass and the Gulf of Mexico. Created by tidal currents, Beer Can Island is located at the northern most point of the 11-mile long, Longboat Key. Free boat parking and ample fishing opportunities make Beer Can Island a favorite for locals. Only accessible by boat, this quiet stretch of island is the perfect location for a relaxing weekend, parties or just soaking up the sun.

Lido Key's City Island

Located just before the bridge to Longboat Key, at the northern most end of Lido Key Beach, is City Island, another favorite spot for Sarasota boaters. Drop the anchor and enjoy a day at City Island Park where you can indulge in recreational activities for all ages, including a full playground. Located directly across from the park is Mote Marine Aquarium, where you can further explore Sarasota's marine life up close and personal. For the fisherman in you, enjoy the fishing docks extending from the picnic areas located at City Island.

Siesta Key Beach

While not necessarily a boating destination, Siesta Key Beach just simply can't be ignored when looking for the ultimate Sarasota experience. Rated the nation's #1 beach, Siesta Key is home to tourists and locals year round. Venture to Siesta Key on a Sunday night and enjoy the rhythmical sounds of the “Drum Circle” and even join in on the fun. Take a look around Siesta Key Village and explore the many shops and exquisite dining locations for a day that you won't soon forget.

Whatever your idea of a vacation is, you can count on any of the Sarasota boating destinations above to provide entertainment and fun for the whole family. Here's to a relaxing weekend and as always, we'll see you on the water!

Have other boating destinations to share? Let us know by leaving a comment below.