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Boating In Florida - Choosing a Boat Club in Sarasota

Boating in Florida with Wave's Boat and Social Club

Boating in FloridaFlorida is a beautiful state, rich in scenery, historical value and home to the nation's #1 beach, Siesta Key. Most notable for it's sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and plenty of coastline to explore, Florida (especially Sarasota) could be called a "boater's paradise."

For most boating enthusiasts, enjoying the water requires a boat, basic navigation and marine skills and a zest for a little adventure! However, what if you don't own a boat? How can you still enjoy all that Sarasota has to offer without breaking the bank?

Well, the answer is actually quite simple: Join a Sarasota boat club!

What Is A Boating Club?

A boating club is simply an organization that boat lovers can join where, for a annual fee, they are granted access to use and enjoy different boats, community events and social gatherings in a community centered environment. Essentially, a boating club is exactly like owning your own boat, but without all of the headaches!

What Are the Benefits of Joining a Boat Club?

By becoming a part of Wave's Boat and Social Club, not only can you enjoy a sense of community and friendship, but there are many other benefits including:

  • Full training including:
    • Operation and procedures
    • Driving and parking
    • Reading markers
    • Understanding navigational charts
    • Emergency situation preparedness 
  • Save money with membership specials and deals.
  • Never worry about boat maintenance or repairs.
  • No insurance premiums.
  • No dock fees.
  • Membership is a fraction of the cost of buying a comparable boat.

How To Choose the Right Boat Club

Making the decision to join a boat club can be exciting, but also overwhelming. With so many different options for different boat clubs, deciding on the best one for you can be quite daunting. However, it doesn't have to be.

When choosing the right boat club in Sarasota, Florida ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are the annual fees and how do they compare to other boating club fees?
  2. How many locations does the boat club serve?
  3. Is there a sense of community in the club?
  4. How do the staff and other members treat you?
  5. Do you have to pay any hidden fees? (ie. no-show fees, advanced booking fees, etc.)
  6. How far in advance can you reserve a boat? Is it guaranteed?
  7. How many members per boat does the club have?
  8. What is the maintenance schedule like?
  9. How often will you be using your membership?
  10. What are the policies and requirements you must follow to become a member?
  11. How often can you use the boats?
  12. Are the boats maintained and serviced regularly?

Ask your potential boating staff these questions and listen to their answers. It's very important to consider the benefits vs. the features of the boat club you join, making sure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Becoming a member of any boating club is a wonderful experience, but make sure you take the time to make the right choice. Check out Wave's Boat and Social Club to learn more about our membership benefits and the abundant opportunities to become part of an excellent community!