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Waves Bi-Weekly Fishing Clinics - Hugely Popular

Trevor and AlanAlan



Imagine heading out with a trained captain on a shiny boat with 3 new friends on a quest for fish.  At Waves we organize fishing clinics/trips approx. twice a month.  These are extremely popular and fill up 2 months in advance...why?  Firstly, price - our socials are not a profit center but a service so we aim to cover our costs.

Secondly, experience, we opened the club, going on 10 years ago, with the vision to offer social events to our members as a value added from traditional boat clubs.  This has been a major key to our success.  Our social events are held weekly and some of them only members are able to attend (with some friends & family upon request).  Other socials we open up to the public, for people to see how much fun boating can be.

Thirdly, it is a great way to meet fellow members in the club.  We have introduced many long term friends via our fishing clinics, what better way to meet a fellow fisherman.

Lastly, Easy.  Just schedule, show up and we take care of the boat, fuel, bait, dates, cleaning, etc. 


Check out the pictures from our clinic last week.