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Great Boating Shirts for Keeping Cool & Protected

Careful Tips for Boating Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend 2012 is almost here.  This marks the traditional beginning of the summer boating season in Sarasota & Bradenton, but it will also be one of the busiest weekends on the ICW.

Before boaters hit these waters, WBSC is reminding them to boat smart, boat safe and boat sober.

  • DO understand the water and environment you will be boating on.
  • DO keep a good lookout while underway - for jet skiis, and other boaters
  • DO shut your engines off when people are in the water near your boat.
  • DO observe the nautical “rules of the road.”
  • DO check the weather forecast before getting underway - we will post on the News Feed if there are any small craft advisories
  • DO keep a balanced load and a trim your motor in shallow wather.
  • DON’T overload your boat.
  • DON’T ride on any place that is not designed for sitting.
  • DO tell the dockmaster where you are going and when you will return.

Finally, the Marine Patrol continue to stress the importance of boating sober. According to the latest statistics from the United States Coast Guard, alcohol use remains the leading factor in fatal boating accidents, contributing to 19 percent of all 2010 boating fatalities. On a boat, there are many things that can impact an individual – sun, wind, noise, vibration, and motion – and when alcohol is added to the mix, balance, vision and coordination can be negatively impacted. In boating situations, alcohol and water simply do not mix.

Another solution to making boating more comfortable

This is a little towelette that you rub on your neck, hands & arms and within minutes you feel a great cooling sensation. We've tested it and - it is nice - it gives a clean feeling while cooling you down. It would be ideal for fishing, golfing, tennis...
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