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Interesting Boating Solutions

We were at the Sarasota Boat Show this weekend as Waves Boat Club had a booth.  The boating industry is always evolving.  We discovered a couple of interesting new boating related inventions that might be of interest to our members or any boater...
For Sea sickness there is an all natural nasal scent that is designed to alleviate nausea. It is called Quease ease and you can get it at West Marine.  (Can also be used for other motion sickness, morning sickness, etc.)  
For hand held devices, we also found the greatest phone protector ever. It has a wrist band, it is clear, you can actually use your phone while it is under water~  

Waves Boat Club at the Sarasota Boat Show

Thinking of Buying a Boat - Consider a Boat Club Instead

When you add up the costs of boat ownership; there is no doubt that boat clubs are less expensive. When you take a realistic look at your time to clean and maintain a boat; there is no doubt that boat clubs are more efficient. When you are looking to learn about boating and where/what to do; boat clubs have the resources. The best part about Waves is you don't own the boat and if you decide boating isn't for you - all you do is give 90 days notice. We've been in this business over 20 years...we know how to make your boating dreams a reality!

Boat Club

What is a Boat Club?
A boat club is an all inclusive club based on the same concept as a private tennis or golf club. Basically, a member joins and reserves a boat, much like a tee time, they arrive and the club has the boat ready waiting and fueled at no cost per other than the refuel. This is an ideal concept for individuals who want to boat on a regular basis but don't want the hassle or cost of ownership.